Solid Buttons VS Dyed Buttons

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Solid Buttons VS Dyed Buttons

In case that customers want to match coloured buttons on given fabric in "dye to match" (DTM) process, there are two different ways which give slightly different outcomes.

  1. Solid buttons
  2. Dyed buttons

For solid buttons, colours are mixed since the begining of the process. As a result, colours remain colourfast and durable for years and years. This can be ordered according to our minimum or quantity (MOQ) of BBT.

Dyed buttons, on the other hand, colours are mixed right at the end of the process, colour fastness is then limited, however MOQ is not required.

If customers are unsure about DTM process, either to use solid or dyed buttons, BBT team is here to help you with your next orders' decisions.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

BBT Sales team


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